An increasing number of cities have started to introduce new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled services with the objective of addressing sustainability as well as improving the operational efficiency of services and infrastructure. In addition, there is an increasing interest in providing novel or enhanced service offerings and improved experiences to citizens and businesses.

The smart cities are evolving into a larger eco-system or ecosystems that were previously disconnected. More and more applications and services in these ecosystems are going on-line. The city council is the pivotal facilitator in making this on-line ecosystem of ecosystems become a reality.

The main objective of the project is to:

Develop, build and test a distributed framework for the semantic discovery and processing of large-scale real-time IoT and relevant social data streams for knowledge extraction in a city environment.

Smart city data is big data. It is multi modal and varies in quality and format and representation form. The data needs to be processed, aggregated and higher-level abstractions need to be created from the data to make it suitable for the event processing, knowledge extractions and event processing applications that enable intelligent applications and services for smart city platforms. Data needs to be integrated from various domains and the resulting knowledge exposed to various domains in a federated fashion.

CityPulse will provide large-scale stream processing solutions to interlink data from Internet of Things and relevant Social Networks and to extract real-time information for the sustainable and smart city applications.

The CityPulse framework is organised in three consecutive iteratively applied processing layers, covering federation of heterogeneous data streams, large-scale IoT stream processing, and real-time information processing and knowledge extraction. To achieve reliability, CityPulse will integrate knowledge-based methods with reliability monitoring and testing at all stages of the data stream processing and interpretation. CityPulse will provide solutions for the different life-cycle stages of data processing and utilisation, supporting application development, i.e. design-time, and application provision, i.e. run-time. 


CityPulse will provide novel approaches to support the seamless integration of dynamic IoT-enabled data streams, Internet of People data (i.e. relevant social media streams), and will develop knowledge-enabled intelligent methods for big IoT data analytics and smart city services and processes. An architectural overview of the approach which addresses the project's key issues and outlines the work packages is shown below.




      Heat map of traffic data in the city of Aarhus


      Twitter data analysis (Ref: P.Arantharam et al. )


      Twitter data heat map

      Ontology learning from sensory data (Ref: F. Ganz et al. )